To register for the Open Days, please fill in your details in the form below.  The information that you provide here will only be used by us to help you get the best out of our Open Days!  We never pass personal information on to third parties.

Due to security reasons we cannot guarantee entry for anyone who may be accompanying you and who is not on the database - even if they are not planning to study.
If you and/or your family have applied for and are expecting to be given permanent residency before you start at university, please also check 'Yes'. Please note, this event is for International students. The application process for domestic students (Aus/NZ passport holders) is different and there will not be any information about it provided at this event.
Please note, this event is for International students. If you are eligible to apply for Australian or New Zealand passport because of a parent, you are still a domestic student (see above).
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